Lea Sophie Simon

After studying Philosophy and German Studies in Vienna, Lea joined the P&E Program in Autumn 2021. Her interests lie mainly in the areas of Ethics and Justice, specifically in sustainability and global issues.

Anna-Katharina Kothe

Anna-Katharina obtained a B.Sc. in International Economics and a B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Tübingen. Her interest lies especially in methodological questions in (the philosophy of) economics.

Roberta Congiu

Roberta completed her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Milan, with a focus on logic and philosophy of science. Her interests lie mainly in welfare economics and the development of social policies.   

David Emich

David's academic background lies in philosophy and he works in the finance and consulting sector. He aims to focus his studies on applied ethics and the impact of academic progress on the real world.

Pauline Flora Paulik

Pauline completed Philosophy as her undergraduate studies in Vienna and joined the MA program in 2021. She is particularly interested in social and political philosophy, feminist economics and political epistemology.  

Thijmen Koomen

Thijmen completed his bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and History at the University of Amsterdam. He focuses on the history of ideas and the relation of economics to political and intellectual paradigms.

Tobias Derschan

With his background in Philosophy he joined the new P&E Master in its first semester. By now his interest lie especially in political epistemology, media economics and their relatedness.

Paula Doenecke

After studying Economics and Political Science in Frankfurt and Prague, Paula joined the Master Philosophy & Economics in Vienna. In her academic, journalistic and consulting work she focuses on sustainability, welfare and transformation.

Doris Nikolić

Doris completed her undergraduate studies in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford and is currently pursuing her MA in Philosophy and Economics in Vienna. She is particularly interested in the intersections and applications of philosophy and economics to public policy.

Max Reichert

Max has a background in Global Studies and currently studies Philosophy & Economics as well as European Social Policy. He is interested in Policy impact assessment, especially with regards to welfare, fairness and social rights.

Linnert Steffens

Linnert studies Philosophy & Economics as well as Slavic Studies, his focus being Welfare Economics and the Capability Approach. Linnert has working experience in international trade, sustainable supply chains, rural development, and cultural cooperation.

Sebastian Rosenauer

Sebastian studies P&E in the second semester. He has a background in Political Science and Chinese Studies and is particularly interested in financial markets and questions of regulation.